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Projects have powerful features that enable you to build a variety of research studies and more.

Project features work immediately! Up to twenty users can join your project, enabling you to test all features before you're ready to deploy it.

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Project Grants

Do you have an idea for a project that will help grow the Open Humans ecosystem?

You might qualify for a grant of up to $5000 supporting your work!

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Public data API

You don't need to set up a project to work with our public data. Get started right away with data sets some Open Humans members have generously chosen to share publicly!

Data is publicly listed on members' public profiles, and is also available through our Public Data API. It's very easy to use – because the API only returns public data, no authentication is required.

Users of the API are expected to follow our guidelines for using public data.

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Data sources

Open Humans currently supports data from the following sources. This list evolves and expands as Open Humans supports new types of data.

Are you a data holder? Want to see your data represented here? You can easily create a project on Open Humans to export your users data to their Open Humans accounts.

Fitbit Connection Fitbit Connection
Nokia Health (Withings) Connection Nokia Health (Withings) Connection
FamilyTreeDNA integration FamilyTreeDNA integration
23andMe Upload 23andMe Upload
AncestryDNA Upload AncestryDNA Upload
Genome/Exome Upload Genome/Exome Upload
uBiome Upload uBiome Upload
Data Selfies Data Selfies
Data sharing and ethical oversight Data sharing and ethical oversight
Open Humans Healthkit Integration Open Humans Healthkit Integration
Runkeeper connection Runkeeper connection
RescueTime connection RescueTime connection
Spotify integration Spotify integration
Google Location History Upload Google Location History Upload
Oura Connect Oura Connect
Overland connection Overland connection
Nightscout Data Transfer Nightscout Data Transfer
Gencove Gencove
OpenAPS Data Commons OpenAPS Data Commons
Nightscout Data Commons Nightscout Data Commons
openSNP openSNP
Twitter Archive Analyzer Twitter Archive Analyzer
Personal Data Notebooks Personal Data Notebooks