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Genevieve Genome Report
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Genevieve Genome Report
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Open Humans, what’s next?
Tue, Feb 20 2018

President Bartlet of The West Wing is calling his famous “What’s next” to his secretary after managing a task. I just defended my PhD last week, and one question from virtually every person who att…
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An interview with project grant awardee Anh Nguyet Vu
Fri, Feb 9 2018

Today we’re interviewing Anh Nguyet Vu. She is the recipient of one of our Project Grants. With MyFitnessPal Miner she not only brings a new data source to Open Humans, she is also working on visua…
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Genevieve now analyzes private data!
Wed, Jan 31 2018

Genevieve Genome Report is a tool that takes genome, exome, or 23andMe data and produces a report comparing your genome to the “ClinVar” database – a public compilation of publish repor…
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