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Through Open Humans, you can gather valuable data about yourself and find cool projects to share it with.

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Open Humans is a program of the nonprofit Open Humans Foundation and has been funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Knight Foundation. Our 2015 launch was written up in Forbes, Newsweek, Scientific American, and more.

You decide when to share. You have valuable data, and you'll decide when to share it. The data you provide will be private by default. You can choose which projects to share with. You can also opt to make some (or all) of your data public, so anyone can access and research it!

Studies, projects, and more. Browse our activities list to see the many potential data sources you can add, and interesting projects you can join.

Be a part of research. We'll recognize your contributions with badges on your profile page, invite you to talk to other community members in our online forums, and periodically post new activities, study updates, and relevant interviews in our newsletters and on our blog.

Are you a researcher?

We want to help you use our platform! We have APIs and on-site tools for you to set up a study, access data, and work with Open Humans members. Everything works immediately! Read more about this in our Research Section.

About our organization

The Open Humans Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to enabling individuals to access their data and share it with research studies. Other projects of the organization include the Global Network of Personal Genome Projects and the Genome Environments Trait (GET) Conference.

Website policies

We have a very readable Terms of Use, Data Use Policy, and Community Guidelines. We welcome feedback on these documents publicly or privately.

Open Source

We believe in sharing. This website is an open source project, as are as other modules, packages, and code in our technical stack. You're welcome to create "issues" in our repository and comment on our code. However, please report security issues privately by emailing us at security@openhumans.org.


If you have any questions for us, feel free to contact us.


In a sense, our "team" is enormous – the Open Humans community is filled with amazing members, citizen scientists, and researchers that make science something we can all be part of. We're humbled by this! Our formal staff is a small team committed to making this community a success.

Madeleine Price Ball
Executive Director

Madeleine is the Executive Director of the Open Humans Foundation, co-founder of Open Humans, and PI of the Public Data Sharing study. She is also a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow, pursuing a vision of open approaches to human health data sharing.

Jason Bobe
Advisor & Executive Director Emeritus

Jason Bobe is former Executive Director of the Open Humans Foundation and co-founder of Open Humans. Jason is a steadfast advocate of citizen science, access to genomic technologies, and DIYbio.