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Once you connect data sources, you can join projects that help you explore your data. You can also choose to donate your data to research and citizen science projects!

Harvard Personal Genome Project
George Church
Harvard Medical School
Connected by 812 members

The Harvard PGP seeks to share genomes and associated health data, despite potential for re-identification, to advance research in human health and biology.

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Uploaded by 715 members

23andMe is a direct-to-consumer genetic testing company that tests about one million genetic locations.

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Connected by 679 members

Fitbit makes activity trackers and health devices like scales for recording health data.

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RunKeeper is a free smartphone app for GPS fitness-tracking. You can use it to record GPS timepoint data for runs, walks, bicycling, and other exercise.

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Uploaded by 218 members's AncestryDNA is a direct-to-consumer genetic testing product that tests about 700,000 genetic locations.

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Joseph K. Pickrell
Gencove, Inc.
Connected by 180 members

Your genome app - get your ancestry, microbiome, and more! Contribute your data to OpenHumans.

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Twitter Archive Analyzer
Bastian Greshake Tzovaras
Connected by 172 members

The TwArχiv is a Twitter Archive Analyzer. Upload your Twitter archive and get new insights.

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Open Humans Healthkit Integration
James Turner
Connected by 159 members

Install this third-party app on your iPhone or iPad to upload HealthKit data to Open Humans.

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Nightscout Data Transfer
James Wedding, P.E.
The Nightscout Foundation
Connected by 128 members

A tool to easily enable upload of data from individual Nightscout databases to the Open Humans platform

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Wild Life of Our Homes
Rob Dunn
North Carolina State University
Connected by 108 members

Wild Life of Our Homes invited people to help study the bacteria and fungi living in their homes. This study is complete, but former participants can import their data.

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Connected by 94 members

Moves is an always-on steps and location logging app for iPhone and Android. It classifies activities as walking, cycling, running, transit, and many other types.

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American Gut
Rob Knight
University of California, San Diego
Connected by 93 members

American Gut is a crowdfunded study building on the Knight Lab's work with the Human Microbiome Project. Answer survey questions and collect samples at home, and get an analysis of your microbiome.

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Genome/Exome Data
Uploaded by 89 members

Do you have genome or exome data? You can upload genome, exome, and genotyping data in VCF format.

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Connected by 76 members

Withings makes consumer electronics devices for tracking health and fitness like a scale and a blood pressure monitor. Withings also makes an app called HealthMate which users can enter their health measurements in.

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Data selfie
Uploaded by 74 members

Do you a have a data type that we don't yet support? Upload any files you want to your Data Selfie. Lab results, instrument data, and medical imaging are examples of data you might want to share.

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Uploaded by 56 members

uBiome is a biotechnology company based in San Francisco that gives individuals and organizations access to sequencing technology to sequence their microbiomes with a sampling kit and website.

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Jawbone makes activity trackers and health devices like scales for recording health data.

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Stephen Friend
Sage Bionetworks
Uploaded by 6 members

The mPower study uses an iPhone app to investigate, track, and understand the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

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