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nobism Ubiqum Cluster headache Project

Managed by: Rogier Koning, Sara Marín, Daniel Castejón
Ubiqum Code Academy
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The nobism & Ubiqum project is setup to create a visualization and analysis of the data we collect as Cluster headache patients using the nobism app connected to OpenHumans.

Goal: This project is setup to do our own research as patients with the data we can collect about our personal disease progression.

Data will be used to create a report. This report will exist out of 2 parts:

  • a part with a personal visualization of the data shared by the user
  • a part where we visualize trends and patterns based on all the data shared by the Cluster headache community.

Here we will try to answer the questions, we have as patients, about our attacks and the effectiveness of our treatments.

This is a “Live” project where we will try and add extra information to the report every month. By connecting and interacting with the Cluster headache community, we hope to get all the questions the students can use to work on the work on the report will be done by final students.

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