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Mobility data of researchers

Managed by: L Tupikina, V Estrada-Galinanes, M Santolini, B Greshake Tzovaras
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As research gets more and more global [1,2] new countries and institutions are getting involved in the research activities around the world. There is an increasing need of understanding these complex mobility patterns. Researchers form a distributed open network around the world. In this project we would like to study the untapped opportunity of the network of scientists traveling around the globe. This could help us to understand how we are doing research and how we could contribute to local communities. The examples of projects, where such analysis could be applied are project for scientists and educators, who use their travel opportunities and connect to local educational projects and local communities [2]. There are various projects, which could benefit from the study (e.g. ecological or science communication ones).

  1. A. Mannocci et al. (2018)
  2. L.Tupikina, et al. NetSci Proceed. (2018)

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