Project grants

Projects can work with members in a variety of exciting ways – help members add new data sources, or share new ways to explore existing data!

For example...

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Do you have a project that might help grow the Open Humans ecosystem?

You may qualify for funding to support your work!


Individuals and teams are invited to apply for a project grant of up to $5000 if they plan to do one or more of the following:


Data interpretations

  • GPS data + something else (activity data? GIS?)
  • Genetic data ancestry interpretation
  • Other genome reports, browsers, and/or visualizations

Data sources

  • Time tracking app data (e.g. RescueTime)
  • Diet logging app data
  • Sleep tracking app data
  • Google Fit
  • Google search history (via Takeout)
  • Google location history (via Takeout)
  • Social media (Facebook or Twitter)
  • Surveys/tools to record phenotype, traits, health history
  • Psych profiling (e.g. Big Five personality traits)


Unless otherwise agreed upon, funded projects are expected to meet the following guidelines:

You should expect to receive a response from the Open Humans Team within four weeks of receipt of application.


Interested in applying?

Feel free to join by our Slack chatroom to get advice!

Once you're ready, please use our Google Form to submit an application.

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