The Open Humans public data API allows you to retrieve JSON representations of data shared publicly by Open Humans members, including URLs to download that data.

if you plan to use public data, please read our guidelines for using public data.


The base URL for the API is

Because the API only returns public data no authentication is required.

The API uses pagination via the offset querystring parameter; the default page size is 100 results. A smaller or larger page size can be specified with the limit parameter.

You may filter the results with these querystring parameters:

  • created_start the start date to filter from (inclusive)
  • created_end the end date to filter to (inclusive)
  • source the name of a data souce, like direct-sharing-134 or direct-sharing-139, or a comma-separated list of sources, like direct-sharing-134,direct-sharing-139.
  • username a username, like madprime
  • member_id an Open Humans member ID, like 94621811


This query searches for the 5 most recently updated data files from user madprime:

This query shows all Harvard Personal Genomes Project data updated on 2/14/2016:

Which users have which sources?

There are also two ways to see which users have which data sources:

Query for a specific data type

Create a search URL for a specific data type:


Information about projects

You can query the projects endpoint to get information about projects:

You can filter this list by a project's `id_label` or `id`:


We've introduced DataTypes as a method for managing data sharing permissions. Projects that add data to Open Humans accounts should register DataTypes for the data they may upload. You can see a list of all DataTypes here:

You can also filter on a specific project label to see what DataTypes it has registered.