ilan (phenylalanine)
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Public data

Genetics of Personality Type

(157 bytes) Your personality type (i.e., INTJ, ESFJ) as determined using three personality questionnaires as part of the Genetics of Personality Type Research Study.

GoViral (2014-2016)

(1.4 KB) GoViral annual surveys, and sickness reports with viral lab test results (if available)

Harvard Personal Genome Project

(14.8 KB) PGP Harvard survey data, JSON format.
(253.9 MB) PGP Harvard genome, Complete Genomics var file format.
(33.1 MB) PGP Harvard genome, VCF file. Derived from Complete Genomics var file.

Spotify integration

(2.2 MB) Spotify Play History
(277.7 KB) Spotify metadata on songs you listen to

Wild Life of Our Homes

(603.2 KB) Bacteria 16S-based OTU counts and taxonomic classifications
(319.0 KB) Fungi ITS-based OTU counts and taxonomic classifications
(365 bytes) Geographical and architectural information about residence