Joshua J. Berk (JoshuaJBerk)
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About me

Entrepreneur and designer. Citizen scientist. Enthusiast for open-access science.

Please email me [ ] for further data/sample collection (or study participation).

Other health & activity data is (not yet) available via Apple Health (via Lifesum, Strava, etc.). Stay tuned!

Seeking sponsorship for WGS and participation in American Gut.

Public data

Harvard Personal Genome Project

(6.7 KB) PGP Harvard survey data, JSON format.

uBiome Upload

(35.6 KB) uBiome 16S taxonomy data, JSON format.
(69.1 MB) uBiome 16S FASTQ raw sequencing data.

Data Selfies

Apple Health Export (June 2016).zip
(6.5 MB)
BodyView (BodyMetrics).pdf
(307.5 KB)
DirectLabs Results.pdf
(106.0 KB)
(46.9 KB)

23andMe Upload

(23.6 MB) 23andMe full genotyping data, original format
(9.0 MB) 23andMe full genotyping data, VCF format