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Dash Genomics has partnered with UCSF and UCSD scientists to offer a new model to understand individual risk of Alzheimer’s disease beyond only the APOE gene, as a function of age and genetic information. We have now made this state-of-the-art algorithm available to anyone with 23andMe or Ancestry.com DNA data.

We offer the following analysis within the report: 1.Cumulative Risk: risk of onset of Alzheimer's by a certain age 2.Instantaneous Risk: risk of onset of Alzheimer's within a certain year of age 3.Risk over the next 5 years (for those over 55) 4.AZ50 age: age your cumulative risk rises above 50% 5.Polygenic Hazard Score percentile: Compare your estimated risk profile to the general population 6.APOE status: Status based on the genotype combination of the two APOE copies

See https://www.dashgenomics.com/ for more information and sample report. The service is being offered to Open Humans members for $99 (normally $149) when you use the provided link.

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