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I'm a KNOWN sperm donor - which means I'm NOT an ANONYMOUS sperm donor who donates for cash at a clinic to pay for college, for example. As of today's date, Feb 28, 2019, I have collaborated successfully with at least 30 different women on their conception, almost exclusively by fresh artificial insemination in their home, sometimes in a hotel, and very rarely at my home or in other venues. I have never been able to ascertain why I feel so motivated to donate. I don't donate for money - the only money I'm given is reimbursement for gasoline. I actually lose money when I donate, because although I'm reimbursed for the gasoline, time spent on donating is time lost to income-generating activity. And I've driven LOTS of miles to other US states from my home in Florida to collaborate with women. 22 of those 30 women were in a same-sex relationship when they conceived, 1 was married to a cisgender man, 2 were married to female-to-male men, 4 were single lesbians, and 1 was a single straight woman. So I'm not motivated by money, but I'm not motivated by sex, either, because requests to donate by natural insemination are pretty rare. It's been 10 months since the last attempt to conceive by natural insemination, for example. I feel obliged to be as public and transparent as possible with my DNA data. As a donor, thus far those 30 women have brought, or will bring (8 of those 30 women are currently at various stages of pregnancy) 32 children into existence. One woman gave birth to identical twin girls, and another has conceived 2 children with me 15 months apart. Add to those 32 children my 21 yr old son that I raised with his mom, and the result may be a lot of adult biological children with questions about my DNA in a few decades. Sharing my DNA data here and on other sites is the least I can do for them.

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