Pokemon Go: A Socio-Technical Exploratory Study
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Pokemon Go: A Socio-Technical Exploratory Study

Led by: Eric Hekler and Alexander Biel
Arizona State University
Contact email: PokemonGoSTStudy@gmail.com
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Pokemon Go: A Socio-Technical Exploratory Study

I am inviting your participation, which will involve a usability study. The aim of the usability study will be looking to gain a better understanding of how often you play PokeMon Go and your overall physical activity level. We will be recording information about PokeMon Go use via daily survey questions that we will ask you at the end of each day, delivered via a mobile app called “Paco.” We will gather information about how many steps you take each day from the mobile application HealthKit, which is already included in your iPhone. You will be asked to participate for at least a minimum of one week. If you so choose, you can opt in to continue to provide both step data from HealthKit and/or fill out the evening survey questions on your phone for as long as you have the interest. You have the right to not answer any question, or stop participation in the study at any time.

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