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File upload & “data types”
Mon, May 17 2021

Last week I finalized and publicly shared the File Uploader activity on Open Humans.1 🎉 This is a standard “activity” in Open Humans. Our structure is modular: in theory, anyone can use…
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Doing Personal Science together – in memory of Steven Keating
Sat, Feb 6 2021

Whether you call it Personal Science, Self-Research or Quantified Self, many of us have questions about ourselves and try to find answers for them. It’s a process that can range from structur…
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Learn about Quantified Flu and our weekly community calls
Thu, Apr 23 2020

Join Quantified Flu Do changes in physiological signals that are measured through wearables (such as body temperature and resting heart rate) precede consciously experienced symptoms (such as cough…
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