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Choosing a seasoned medical professional you can rely on makes sense if you're looking for a chiropractor in Irvine. We provide you the best chance to attain health at Zen Care Physical Medicine in Irvine thanks to our all-encompassing approach. Before we start making any modifications, at Zen Care Physical Medicine, we'll conduct a full evaluation on you that includes X-rays and a comprehensive exam. Prior to receiving any kind of care, it is crucial to understand what is happening inside your body. We can guarantee that you are receiving the greatest service and outcomes with the use of this information. After an examination, we can start your chiropractic care. To get going, call (949) 727-1772 and arrange for an initial visit. See More About Us:,-117.7631513,59.96858797a,861.66948405d,35y,0h,45t,0r/data=Co0BGooBEoMBCiUweDgwZGNkZDZiYWJkMTM1ODc6MHhjN2I1NDM1NzUzYzcwZDc5GWgj100p1UBAIZfZjHjXcF3AKkhaZW4gQ2FyZSBQaHlzaWNhbCBNZWRpY2luZSwgV2F0ZXJ3b3JrcyBXYXksIElydmluZSwgQ2FsaWZvcm5pYSwgSG9hIEvhu7MYAiABKAI6AwoBMw?authuser=0

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