Arlo James Barnes (ArloJamesBarnes)
Connected studies and activities

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About me

I just joined the Personal Genome Project (because I turned 21 and can now informedly and openly consent, although I saw something about 18 being the limit now? Whatever.) and am a little disappointed that specimen collection is closed; perhaps I will donate some moolah to nudge the reopening along. I am not knowledgeable about quantified self but pretty interested, and only slightly more knowledgeable but equally interested in citizen science, free software/hardware/culture, data, and online (and offline) communities. Looks like I just missed the Personal-Genome forum closing, but glad I saw a pointer to here!

My website (currently empty) is at and I plan to fill it with all the data about me that is advisable, and maybe some that is not depending on your personal opinions.

Public data

23andMe Upload

(15.0 MB) 23andMe full genotyping data, original format
(5.0 MB) 23andMe full genotyping data, VCF format


(918.9 MB) Seeq project raw data. Contains personal genetic and microbiome information.