Open Humans: Web Developer / Programmer

Open Humans would like to hire a staff member to specialize in supporting the technology aspects of our platform and community. While we would love someone already highly experienced in the relevant technologies, we are also open to training an otherwise experienced programmer -- what matters to us is that you want to be part of our vision!

Open Humans is an exciting nonprofit project with a growing community. Our team is small and dedicated, and we're hoping to find someone that loves it as much as we do.

Want to learn more about Open Humans? We invite you to...

If interested, please email us at:

Our current technical stack (see also

  • Main site: Python Django framework
    • Heroku deployment
    • PostgreSQL database
    • OAuth2 provider
  • Additional sites:
    • Flask site with custom integration to main site, Celery/RabbitMQ asynchronous processing, Data retrieval via OAuth APIs with various providers
    • Smaller Django sites w/ Celery processing and standard Open Humans API integrations
    • GitHub and continuous integration / testing via Codeship
    • Amazon web services: S3 file storage, Route 53 DNS.
    • G Suite (email, documents, etc.)
    • Assorted other services and integrations:, IFTTT, Mailchimp, Slack

    What we’d like a developer to work on with us:

    • Maintenance of the current software stack
    • Implement minor feature improvements
    • Optimize the site (improve database queries, site load time)
    • Refactor deprecated approaches in site features (i.e. clean-up)
    • Implement new data sources
    • Work on larger features and projects (e.g. idea below)

    Skills or features we'd like to see (or train, if necessary):

    • [required] Solid programming experience
    • [slightly preferred] local to San Diego
    • Strong Python experience
    • JavaScript/JQuery/HTML/CSS experience
    • Django framework experience
    • Full stack web programming experience (database to HTML/CSS/JS)
    • Experience with cloud solutions (AWS, Heroku) and related services (Google Analytics)
    • Experience with OAuth APIs

    A current larger project planned:

    • Goal: Enable members to easily run/share code for analyzing their personal Open Humans data
    • Approach:
      • Create a scalable Jupyterhub (e.g. using Kubernetes)
      • Provide on-demand Jupyter servers to Open Humans members
      • Use Open Humans OAuth2 for login
      • Use Open Humans OAuth2 to enable access to personal data loaded on Open Humans