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Lease Dispute Lawyer Orange CA Our firm handles a variety of real estate matters for you including drafting and reviewing real estate agreements and filing or defending lawsuits involving our clients. We can assist you with any disputes you have with eviction lawsuits, landlord-tenant disputes, co-owner disputes, neighbor disputes, real estate purchase/sale agreement disputes and a variety of other matters involving your real property. We are compassionate and zealous advocates for our clients. Please call or email us to schedule an appointment. Our firm’s mission is to provide timely, high quality legal services to our clients who have real estate needs. Our firm’s principal is highly experienced in filing and handling lawsuits which has given him a unique perspective on how real estate matters can turn into battles which require a Court to sort them out. We set a very high standard for practicing California real estate law. We understand that our clients have substantial investments in their real property and that all available steps should be taken to protect them and their investment. Our attorneys work very closely with our clients to evaluate their legal needs and prepare legal strategies that best serve our client’s interests and needs.

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