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    "active": false,
    "approved": true,
    "authorized_members": 94,
    "badge_image": "",
    "contact_email": "",
    "id": 134,
    "id_label": "direct-sharing-134",
    "info_url": "",
    "is_academic_or_nonprofit": true,
    "is_study": true,
    "leader": "Rob Knight; Daniel McDonald",
    "long_description": "The American Gut Project provides infrastructure for anyone in the world to process human microbiome samples. Generally, the sample we receive are poop (because that's what's sexy apparently). For every sample we receive, we perform DNA sequencing to identify the types of microbes that are present, and we generate an educational report about these findings and how you relate to others. This report is *not* medically actionable and is for education and research only. As researchers, we're extremely interested in these samples so we can construct a \"map\" of human microbial configurations to foster ongoing microbiome efforts around the world, and to help this global effort, all data we generate from this project are deposited de-identified into the public domain.",
    "name": "American Gut Project",
    "organization": "University of California San Diego",
    "registered_datatypes": [
    "requested_sources": [],
    "request_sources_access": [],
    "request_username_access": false,
    "returned_data_description": "A table describing the organism / sample counts and taxonomy.",
    "short_description": "Crowd funded citizen science microbiome sampling for the masses.",
    "slug": "american-gut-project",
    "type": "oauth2"