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nobism reports for Advocating

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Please ONLY join this project if you are also a member of the "nobism Ubiqum Cluster headache Project"

This project is setup to give all advocates for Cluster headache access to materials to support their work in creating awareness or getting new research started.

What will you share: We request access to the reports made by the "nobism Ubiqum Cluster headache Project"

What do we do with the reports: Your reports will be made publicly available as a free download on to be used in publications, advocacy work and to promote the work we do as cluster headache group and create Awareness about Cluster Headaches.

If you stop sharing: If you stop sharing your reports with this project, no new reports will be shared. The download links to your reports will be deleted from Reports that have already been used elsewhere on the web can't be deleted though.

Anonymized reports: All your reports will be anonymous.

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